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The true Life story of James Joseph Owens-El

The life story of James Joseph Owens-el began in a broken home. A home consumed in rage brought on by alcoholism. And if that wasn’t enough, the pressures of life on the streets of South Baltimore, Maryland in the late 60’s were know comfort to young Jimmy Owens either.

The truth is,  it was those streets that eventually forced young Jimmy Owens into a crucible of life few men could survive.  His book “The Inner Most Circle of Hell” will captivate your attention.

As you read his riveting account of how he survived at the age of sixteen a journey through one of the most infamous prisons in America,The Baltimore City Maryland State Penitentiary once referred to as  “The Most Inner Circle of Hell” by then Honorable Parren J. Mitchell United State Congressmen.   

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The true Life story of James Joseph Owens-El